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Business Owners Policy:

A business owners policy, also known as a BOP, combines property insurance, liability insurance and other common coverages into one convenient package.


Business Liability:

Liability insurance protects you, your employees and customers if accidents happen.


Commercial Property:

Helps protect your inventory, building, furniture and equipment whether you own, lease or work from home.


Business Auto:

Covers injuries and damages that you, or employees may cause to other people and their property while driving.

Crime Coverage:

Protects your business from fraud, theft and forgery.

Business Interruption Coverage:

Helps keep capital flowing if your business is disrupted.

Business Income:

Helps you pay the bills and your employees if you have to close temporarily to recover from a loss.


Accounts Receivable:

Protects against losses caused by the inability to collect from a customer.


Umbrella Coverage:

Provides additional protection beyond your standard liability coverage.


Equipment Breakdown:

Covers mechanical and electrical equipment, computers and more.


Cyber Liability:

Offers coverage for computer attacks and damage to electronic data and computer systems.


Workers' Compensation:

Protects the key players on your team your employees. You count on them for the service, knowledge and expertise needed to move your business to the next milestone. They count on you to take care of them if the unexpected happens.


Liability coverage:

Many state laws require liability coverage, also known as "property damage/bodily injury." It can help cover expenses from damaging a vehicle to injuring a person in an accident.


Collision Coverage:

Can help pay for damage to your car after an accident involving another vehicle.


Comprehensive Coverage:

Known also as full coverage auto insurance, comprehensive coverage can help pay for damage to your car from vandalism, weather events and accidents involving animals.


Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

Helps protect you and your vehicle from uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents.


Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

Helps protect you from drivers who do not have enough insurance to cover the costs of an accident.

Medical Payments:

Mandatory in some states, Med Pay coverage can help cover medical costs related to an accident, regardless of who is at fault. In addition, personal injury protection can help defray costs from medical bills and lost wages as the result of an accident.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP Coverage):

Can help defray costs from medical bills and lost wages as the result of an accident.


Rental Car Reimbursement (Loss Of Use):

Helps pay for a rental car if your vehicle can’t be driven after an accident.


Original Equipment Manufacturer Coverage:

OEM stands for 'original equipment manufacturer'. Buying such a coverage on your auto policy would mean that in the case of damage to your vehicle, the parts replaced will be original factory equipment. Without OEM coverage, most insurance companies will pay for after-market parts.

Roadside Assistance:

This is optional and can help you if you need a tow, run out of gas or get a flat.


Renters Insurance:

If you live in a rented apartment, condominium or home, you need to protect yourself and your space from the unexpected. Because your  landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your belongings, renters  insurance is a smart choice for safeguarding yourself in the event of theft, sewer backup damage, hurricanes and more. With renters insurance, you can customize a policy that suits your lifestyle and budget.


Condominium Insurance:

If you own a condominium, you may be wondering if you need coverage. Condominium insurance provides protection for the parts of your condo 

that you are responsible for and your belongings. In the event of theft, natural disasters and other types of covered damage. 


Dwelling Coverage:

This insurance helps protect the structure, built-in appliances and wall-to-wall carpet of your house from damage.


Other structures:

This option covers property not attached to your house. This can include a detached garage, shed or gazebo.


Personal Liability:

This insurance consists of two parts: bodily injury and property damage. If an accident occurs in your home that damages someone or something, personal liability can help pay for covered damages.


Medical Payments to Others:

This coverage may help pay for medical or funeral expenses of someone who is injured on your property.

Replacement Cost:

This coverage can pay an additional amount of your home coverage limit if additional money is needed to rebuild after a loss.


Contents Coverage:

This protection helps cover your furniture, clothing and other items in your home from covered losses as defined by your policy.



This insurance provides additional coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, watches, antiques and fine art.


Water Backup of Sewer and Drains:

Broadens the coverage for loss due to water backup through sewers or drains.


Ordinance or Law Coverage:

This insurance may help pay to rebuild your house to current building codes after a covered loss.


Flood Insurance:

Many homeowners are unaware that their home insurance doesn't cover flood damage.  Flood insurance is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from flood 

losses. Contents coverage can include possessions such as furniture, clothing and other valuables, subject to policy limits and exclusions. Flood insurance covers certain cleanup expenses. It also covers damages to your heating and cooling system and repair or replacement of flooring, according to the policy.


Watercraft Coverage:

Navigate worry free knowing that your boat or personal watercraft is protected. We offer liability and damage coverage that includes towing and wreckage removal.


Recreational Vehicles:

ATV’s, Personal Motorcycle, Boats, Snow Mobiles, Motor Homes and Trailer. Most policies don't cover personal items or liability when your Recreational Vehicles are parked, they also do not cover attached accessories such as awnings, antennas, roof-top air conditioners and satellite dishes. Make sure your Recreational Vehicles are covered for what matters.


Pet Insurance: 

Pet Insurance is more than medical insurance for pets its peace of mind for pet parents. When your pet gets sick or injured, pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care.


Home Warranty:

Home systems and appliances will break — it’s only a matter of time. But unlike home insurance, A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of important home system components and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear over time.


Flood Insurance:

Many homeowners are unaware that their home insurance doesn't cover flood damage. Flood insurance is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from flood losses. Contents coverage can include possessions such as furniture, clothing and other valuables, subject to policy limits and exclusions. Flood insurance covers certain cleanup expenses. It also covers damages to your heating and cooling system and repair or replacement of flooring, according to the policy.

Personal Umbrella:

A personal umbrella insurance policy offers an extra layer of liability protection for your assets if there's a serious auto accident or accident on your property. Otherwise, you could be liable for more than your current auto or homeowners' coverage limits. Personal liability insurance helps protect your wages, house, investments, cars and boats from being at risk if a serious accident occurs.


Jewelry Insurance:

It's devastating to have jewelry that represents special moments in your life get damaged, lost, or stolen. Jewelry coverage will give you peace of mind when you wear your favorite pieces of jewelry, let Elite Insurance we make sure they are fully covered no matter what happens to the them.


Identity Theft:

Protect your identity, your credit and your time! Every hour of the day, criminals use tricks and sophisticated tools to try to break into peoples email, internet banking and records. Once they have them, an individual’s vital information - possibly even credit card numbers can be used anywhere in the world. Identity theft coverage can help you protect your vital information, and keep you from having to spend countless hours trying to restore your credit and good name.


Event Insurance:

Annual Fair’s, Food/Music/Beer Fest’s, One-day liquor liability, Weddings, Birthdays and Special events. Events have become expensive lately, meaning the stakes are high if circumstances beyond your control cause something to go wrong. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect yourself with event insurance.



Performance, Surety, Court, Notary and Miscellaneous bonds. Bonds are agreements that protect businesses and Individuals. Bonds are  designed to guarantee a principle’s integrity and honesty, performance and financial responsibility, as well as compliance with a law or contract.

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